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Choosing the right partner for your commercial solar panel installation can be a big decision. SunBlue Energy is top-rated among Rockland and Westchester solar companies, and our dedicated team has installed more than 400 solar energy systems since 2009. We are happy to answer your questions about solar panels for businesses in New York State. Contact us at 914-222-3510 or online for a free estimate.

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For businesses and nonprofits, going solar can mean big savings. Commercial solar power systems lower your energy costs and reduce operating expenses. Whether your office is large or small, you can use solar panel power throughout the day.

Benefits of a Commercial Solar Power System

Reduce Energy Costs

Solar power provides a lower cost-per-kWh than what you’re currently paying your utility company. With solar power, you can generate your own electricity and save money.

Long Term Savings & Quick Payback

Businesses can benefit the most from solar power due to greater tax incentives and more advantageous economies of scale — leading to more savings.

Low Maintenance Costs

Solar power requires little or no maintenance. The system can generate electricity for 25 to 40 years. All the solar panels we install carry a 25-year guarantee.

Cost Effective

Government rebates on solar installations make solar power a low-cost investment for businesses. There are also various financing options such as operating leases and power purchase agreements to help you afford your system.

Remote Net Metering

New York commercial customers can take advantage of remote net metering, which allows you to distribute the electricity generated by your system among multiple utility accounts. If your business has multiple locations, your system can help reduce energy costs across all of them.

Solar Incentives For Businesses

At SunBlue, we offer many ways to help you finance your residential or commercial system. By combining NYSERDA’s On-Bill Recovery loan with a Same as Cash loan, SunBlue customers can purchase their solar energy systems for no money down. We also offer solar leases and power purchase agreements, for those customers who want to take advantage of solar without purchasing a system. In addition, the federal and state governments offer various rebates and tax advantages for residential and commercial solar projects.

Federal Tax Credit

The government offers a federal tax credit of 26 percent of the total cost of your system – with no cap on how much you can save.


Under the federal Modified Accelerated Cost-Recovery System (MACRS), businesses may recover investments in solar installations through depreciation deductions. Solar systems are classified as five-year property under the MACRS.


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) offers generous incentives for small and large businesses (0-7,500 KW), as well as special incentives through the NY-Sun Commercial/Industrial Incentive Program for larger systems over 200 KW.

Tax Exemptions

Solar energy systems – as well as solar lease payments – are exempt from New York state sales tax in most parts of Rockland, Orange, and Westchester counties. Local property tax exemptions may also be available.

The state and federal government make it easy for businesses to go solar. From tax credits to new financing options, there are more ways than ever for large and small businesses and nonprofits to take advantage of solar energy.

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