Our Mission

At SunBlue Energy, we strive for independence in our lives and in the lives of our customers. SunBlue Energy’s goal is to power the world with the sun. We want to introduce the world to solar by educating and being responsive to our customers, creating roles that are challenging for our employees, and making each of us independent stewards of our environment.

Our Story

Chris Hale founded SunBlue Energy in 2009 after his daughter was born. He and his wife, Meredith, decided to leave their corporate jobs in search of independence and a desire to control their own fate. Since its foundation, SunBlue has grown into one of the top-rated Westchester solar companies. Our team never stops learning, both through experience and formal training, where we pursue the highest industry certifications, through the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) and other leading organizations. We support one another in achieving our best work.

SunBlue Energy is a well-respected local company that has been humbled by praise from its customers and inspired by its team who all went into the solar energy field to make the world a better place.

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Blaze your own Path

Like Chris and Meredith, everyone desires financial independence. When you go solar, you stake your claim in the future of energy and chart your own course. Solar energy is an easy step your family can take to gain independence and protect the planet.


By owning your own solar energy system, you are no longer dependent on the utility for all your energy needs.


Solar strengthens the electrical grid by creating power at peak hours.


By creating our own electricity, we as a country are less dependent on foreign sources of fuel.


Your solar system pays you an annual dividend of 8-15% per year for 30 years. It’s a more reliable investment than even real estate, stocks, bonds, or your retirement portfolio.


Investing in solar is investing in jobs. Solar investments create more jobs per megawatt than any other energy resource.


By owning your own solar energy system, you are no longer dependent on the utility for all your energy needs.

At SunBlue Energy, our goal is to make it simple and stress-free for our customers to go solar. We’ll help you to determine if your home or business is a fit for solar, and then manage every step of the process so you can relax. Every part of your installation is expertly handled by our team of experienced solar professionals.

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