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You’ll be surprised how some simple changes can set you and your family on the path to greener living. Did we mention that you’ll be saving money on your energy bill while shrinking your carbon footprint?

Phone With Portable Charger


How many phone chargers, hair dryers or kitchen appliances do you have plugged in right now? Your appliances are rarely turned off; they’re often just in standby mode. Make an effort to unplug appliances and electronics you’re not using. Make it a little easier on yourself by investing in new power strips, either with an on/off switch or a built-in timer. See where you’re draining power with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Appliance and Electronic Energy Use Calculator.


Don’t worry; we’re not suggesting cold showers! Lowering your water heater’s thermostat from the manufacturer’s setting (usually 140°F) to 120°F can save energy and money without affecting your lifestyle.

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The winter chill is becoming a distant memory, but we’re sure those high energy bills are harder to forget. Weather-strip your doors and windows to keep warm air in during winter and out during summer.

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Do you know if your thermostat is programmable? Adjusting the settings can help lower your energy bill in winter and summer with a few simple steps. If you’re ready to upgrade, try an energy saving smart home thermostat from companies like Nest, Ecobee or Honeywell.



When you were a kid, nobody warned you that choosing a light bulb was going to be so confusing! Find out which light bulbs in your home are sucking up power and what types of energy-efficient lighting choices you have at

Solar Panels


Install solar Panels on your Home. We at Sunblue are devoted to helping customers install Solar Panels that are right for them and meets their budget needs. Contact us today to get started. 

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 Replace old appliances with newer, energy-efficient models.

fiberglass insullation


Make sure your home is well-insulated.

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Install new windows to replace old, leaking ones.

lightweight furnace box


Upgrade your water heater (learn more at